Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winter in Europe Part 2

Here are a few more photos from the winter holiday.  :)
Also, thanks for your encouraging words in my previous post.  Our friends often ask us how we can survive being apart.  It's really hard. :( This week I was trying to find any possible way to maximize my frequent flyer points and be able to see my husband next month, but it looks like it might not work out.  :(   
Trying to just be thankful no matter what.  Anyways, onto the pics..

Champ Elysees was so pretty after Christmas.  The line for some of the stores was soo long though.  We wanted to stop in Louis Vuitton but didn't feel like waiting in the cold.  Btw, the picture in the bottom left is the line to.. Abercrombie & Fitch(?!)   The line was even longer than the LV line!  My friends told me that it's popular, even among young adults.  I was surprised, since I always associate the store with teenagers and high school students.
Champ Elysees
We didn't stay in Paris for long, but the food was good.  I was looking forward to eating hot crepes, both sweet and savory, off the street. :)  We didn't see the bakeries full of colorful macarons that I'm used to seeing on Pinterest and other blogs, but we had some yummy food nonetheless.
Clockwise from left: Hippopotamus Restaurant, "Floating Cloud" dessert, raw beef dish, creme brulee
I didn't try it, but there was a plate of raw ground beef that you could order.
Our friend said it was delicious, but I wasn't brave enough.

Interesting flavored Lays potato chips (we saw hamburger, bolognese and chicken soup)
and cute mugs, salt shakers, and egg holders


Flowers from hubby to brighten up our hotel

My little sister got this for hubby for Christmas :)
It's a German duck, complete with lederhosen and beer.  Hubby said
he looks Bavarian
 I was surprised at how expensive certain items were.  Kitchenaid mixers were 609 Euro (~$809 USD!) UGGs were expensive too.  Although they're still popular, short UGGs were like 200 Euro (~$265) and tall UGGS were 300 Euro (~$398 USD!)  On the plus side, grocery items tend to be cheaper in Germany, as long as they're basic items (bread, milk, eggs, meat), but gourmet or international items are much more expensive.  I liked how sales tax is built into the price (hubby and sister-in-law didn't like how the prices were different than the price tag in America), but I still prefer American prices for most things.

Date night with hubby.  Since we won't be able to celebrate our first Valentine's Day as a married couple (*tear), we celebrated it a month early in Cologne.  Hubby said Valentine's Day isn't as big in Germany, but it was still a romantic time. :)

I love him <3

Cool toilet paper dispensers at the Cologne train station gift shop

LOVE the IKEA in Germany.  The food is so yummy! :)
Had lunch and coffee and goofed around in the cafe :)


  1. AWWW you guys really are too cute for words!!! i can't believe he got you flowers for your HOTEL ROOM!! that is probably one of the most romantic things i've ever heard! so sweet!!

    i heard ikea food here too! hahaha.. i think it tastes better then the US! although i'm def guilty of making my husband drive an hour to eat sweddish meatballs hahahahaha

    omgosh when we first moved here.. i ordered this sandwich.. it was like premade.. and i bit into it.. it was RAW PORK! PORK!! it was really scary.. i only ate like two bites.. but i really freaked out when i realize it was pork.. i mean beef is scary enough but at least i eat beef sorta bloody.. but pork! yikes!

    oh haha thank you i heart my mini silver trunks too!! i'm actually doing a blog post about them monday with the rest of the new additions to my dressing room! :)

  2. Such pretty pictures! I think Europe is so romantic in winter :) I also took photos of the Abercrombie line when I was in Paris - so funny I think to us Americans :)

  3. Great post! I was in Paris after Christmas too and it was stunning - and totally agree about the food. I just came across your blog, and your story is really cute and inspiring, especially for an American living in Europe and doing the long-distance thing too. Looking forward to reading more. :)