Friday, February 17, 2012

this week

Happy Friday!
This week I resolved to be super-productive, creating to-do lists and prioritizing my scheduled activities.  I really need to learn some major time management skills. I read in an article this week that people who are harder on themselves for setbacks and minor failures tend to do worse than they otherwise would have.  For example, those who condemn themselves for credit card debt may end up accumulating more credit card debt, or those who are kicking themselves for breaking a diet end up binging more.
I think this can apply to my productivity.  When I don't get a lot accomplished for my studies and fall back on work, I end up being more lazy and procrastinating even more.  I think it's to avoid the feeling of failure (and anger at myself) at the overwhelming work ahead of me. 

Anyways, some random pics from this week:
Traded in my gray Hunters for black, loving the shorter Huntress version.  My previous boots were so high that they dug into the back of my knees.  I didn't want to buy the kids' versions, which some other petites recommend to do, since I wasn't a fan of the shiny safety patches on the back.  I also sized down this time, these boots run so big!
Bought a leather crossbody bag; a must for hands-free grocery shopping and running errands in Germany, where I walk everywhere.
Huntress Boots | Fossil Leather Crossbody

Accessories for the week
Nails are Rival de Loop, a drug store brand in Germany.  Comes in so many pretty colors and only 1.99 euro!  I like it better than my OPI for Sephora and Essie brands; it layers much smoother, in my opinion.  
Red nails for Valentine's Day
This week I had my first Valentine's Day as a wife, but sadly, my husband and I had to wish each other a happy Valentine's Day over skype.  :(

Valentine's Day isn't as a big a holiday in Germany, and a few weeks ago my hubby was venting how he thinks Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday exploiting couples and making single people feel depressed.  I was a bit bummed when he was saying this, since I still like Valentine's Day, so I pointed out the story of the Catholic martyr Saint Valentine that is believed to be associated with this day.

Me: But don't you want to have one day in the year where we can celebrate our love for each other and go out and do something romantic and sweet?
Hubby: If you want to settle for that...

oh... good answer :)

On Tuesday, I woke up that morning feeling sadder than I thought I would be and missing hubby so much, but this package cheered me up.  
Flowers and chocolates
Can't believe we've already been married for almost 10 months.  The time really flies.

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