Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nail Care

A few weeks ago, I discovered Chloe's Nails and educated myself on some nail care tips.  I always thought I was taking care of them properly but noticed they would break or split easily before they would have a chance to grow out.  This made for some potentially sad/asymmetrical French manicures unless I got the broken tips replaced.  Later I learned some news that's apparently obvious to anyone who's done a manicure- I was filing them improperly.  Instead of filing cleanly all in one direction, I was sawing them back and forth with an emery board and weakening my nails.
Chloe's Nails also recommended using glass files, so I ordered a few on Amazon.  I bought four pretty glass files for less than $5; they're sturdy and hard to break, and all you have to do is run them under water after using them and they're good as new.  They won't file down or get dull the way emery boards do, and they seem to do a cleaner and smoother job.

Here are some new colors I got this month!  [Please forgive the unsightly smudges on the sides.]

Love this Tiffany blue
China Glaze | For Audrey

The perfect grey/brown
Sally Hansen | Fearless Fog

Sally Hansen | Lacey Lilac

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter Favs

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year!  :)   I love the sunny, cheerful weather of spring and summer, but there's something so special and cozy about this season.  I know a lot of people associate this season with stress (final exams, grading, Christmas shopping crowds, etc.), but this time of year always brings up warm and happy memories of snow days, hot chocolate and Christmas cookies, family time by the fire, and decorating the Christmas tree.  I heard Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" a few days ago on the radio and couldn't help dancing and singing in the car.  :)

The weather here is still crisp and cool and fall-like, but here are a few of my winter favs:

Winter accessories
Fuzzy Earmuffs (AE) | Burberry Wristlet (came with Burb tote) | Leather/cashmere gloves (from Korea)

Black booties from Luxury Rebel (LOVE the mauve pink soles!)
Cardigan from The Limited | Double Strand Pearls
 I know people lean towards dark nails in the winter, but it's a pastel/gray palette for me!
Ballet Slippers by Essie | Lacey Lilac by Sally Hansen
Fearless Fog by Sally Hansen | A True Romantic by Sephora OPI

Picked up these two lacy tops during the post-Thanksgiving sales.. yes, they're the same top in winter cream and gray :P
Banana Republic

Keeping the footsies warm around the house
Fuzzy bootie slippers from LOFT | Forever 21 socks (95 cents each!)

 I saw these lovely silver candle holders from Bath & Body Works during Black Friday shopping.  They were already on sale, but my cousin suggested to look up additional promo coupons on my iPhone.  I showed the cashier my iPhone and got an additional $10 off (yay), so I picked up a few candles + silver ornate candle holders, one for my apartment in Germany and one for my mother-in-law :)
Lollia hand cream | Candle from Bath and Body Works

The next week will be super busy with research papers for school, but I'll be flying to Cologne next Thursday and
f i n a l l y reunited with hubby after almost 4 months of separation.   There were moments in the semester where it was so hard that I thought I would do ANYTHING to see him. I even looked up plane tickets, crossing my fingers that there would be some fluke cheap air ticket sale but of course, couldn't find any.  :(  But twelve more days until we're together again, I can't wait! :)

It'll also be nice to celebrate Christmas in Cologne, which was #1 on CNN's list of great European Christmasmarkt cities.   I'm looking forward to trying some German Gluhwein (warm spiced mulled wine) and visiting one of the seven Christmasmarkts in the city!