Thursday, March 1, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

During the semester, I spend most of my days on campus or cooped up in my room, so it was nice to get out of town this weekend.  For some reason, flights from New York-Chicago were half the price of DC-Chicago, so I made plans to meet up with friends in NY and fly out with them.  To save even more money, I megabus'd it to the big Apple.  Round-trip ticket- $23, not bad for a weekend.. although my friend has scored DC-NY tickets for $3.50, less than a drink at Starbucks(!)

As soon as my friend picked me up at midnight in Manhattan, she asked, "Wanna go try chicken and rice?"  Heck yeah! 

Infamous halal chicken and rice | 53rd & 6th, Manhattan
Flight to Chicago was delayed because of weather, so we flew out the next morning. I snapped this photo of myself when we landed in Chicago to Whatsapp message to hubby.  He freaked out the night before because I didn't let him know I arrived in NY safely, so here I am, trying to look fresh and bright-eyed after a 6:00 am flight.


I think LA and Chicago are my absolute favorite places to eat, ever!  (Sorry New Yorkers.) After we landed, we headed up to Toast in Lincoln Park for brunch.

Vintage-looking toasters
This was the most amazing French toast I've ever had in my life.  Wow.
Fresh fluffy bread with fruits, granola, and yummy sauces

I love the cute Korean cafes too.  We have a few in Virginia, but it's a pain to drive 45~ minutes to satisfy a potpingsoo craving.  Plus, the cafes I've been to in VA are not as cozy.  :/
Love this- "korean teas to remind you of halmoni" :)
Will try to post more pics later..


  1. All the food looks amazing! Love the chicken and rice :)

  2. you look so pretty susan!!!! you totally look fresh faced and doe eyed :)

    i LOVEEEE potbingsuu!!! nom nom nom! that french toast seriously looks out of this world! i've never been to chicago.. but i agree with you I LOVEEEE LA food!! hubs and i use to make trips down to LA from SF all the time just to eat hahahah!

  3. ps. oh and yes this weekend the hubs and i went to frankfurt to spend the day.. and i wore this bright pink magenta dress with leggings and people kept staring at me -___- hahaha i don't care.. i love bright colors and hello bright colors are trending right now so if i don't wear it now when will i be able too hahaha.

  4. That does look like the fluffiest french toast I've seen!

    Love the big (also fluffy!) scarf you have, practical and chic!



  5. OMG that fluffy bread looks amazing! I need to try it someday! You look very beautiful for a 6am flight =)

  6. The fluffy bread looks amazing and I really enjoy your blog with all your travel photos! =)

  7. I love your chunky scarf! Wanted to pass on this 20% off J. Crew Factory coupon to you: Hope this works for your price adjustment!

  8. Thanks SewPetite Gal! I'll be heading over to the J.Crew Factory tomorrow to check it out :)

    @20YorkStreet My circle scarf was a gift, one of my friends in Germany got it during her trip to Korea.. they call them neckwarmers there, and she said they were super cheap and had so many different kinds :)

  9. What a neat adventure! I never thought of taking coaches other than the one that goes straight to the airport. The food just looks divine.

  10. I hopped over from Lisa's blog.

    You sure look fresh! Next time remember to inform the hubby ok? Sometimes these men would get worried about us.

    The french toast looks divine! Looks so rich. I've never seen french toast like this before.

  11. I've never been to Chicago and I've always wanted to!! mmm chicken and rice, sounds delicious :D